Reduce time to market
Coherent SG dramatically reduces time to market by enabling you to use any HTML/CSS libraries, frameworks, and templates. Our tutorials, guides, demos and kits will give you heads up and get you started within minutes.
Save time and resources
With Coherent SG you can easily craft realistic and immersive interfaces by using our visual editor or by writing the interface yourself. Our live editing feature shortens the iteration time by allowing designers to make and view changes, even when the application is running.
Fast Prototyping

Benefit from an easy-to-­use, drag and drop editor. Our widget system enables collaboration on multiple elements of the UI at the same time.

Live Editing

Execute the changes you need immediately. Edit your UI while the simulation is running and see the results in real time. Don’t waste time recompiling.

Designer – friendly workflow

Empower your developers by having them focus on the core part of your simulation. Your designer can implement the entire user interface.

Innovate with complex control panels and detailed UI

The high performance and easily customizable Coherent Kits will help you achieve high performance even for complex user interfaces. Use as many animations and layers as you need.

Some of the many pre-built assets include:



  • Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Radar for Air Force
  • Control panel display
  • ­Tactical Situation Display
  • ­Radar & Target data box
  • ­Store management display
  • Live views
  • Fuel control panel
  • ­Night vision
  • Altitude indicator
Always be in control

Coherent SG comes with specially designed tools that will help you create high­-performance and error-­proof code for your project.

Code Profiler

Track the performance of your virtual simulation.


Detect any scripting error in a matter of seconds.

Create flawless UI that looks great on all resolutions
Vector graphics and SVG files make your UI look great on all resolutions and form factors. Advanced rendering effects and font support help you create beautiful and interactive UI. Animations, 3D transforms, and filters let you achieve the best visual results.